16 April 2007

Five-Tool Team

The Dodgers flashed all five classic scout’s tools in their 5-1 victory over the Snakes Monday night.

Hitting for Average: The Dodgers batted 0.273 as a team.

Hitting for Power: Nomar cranked a homer to left field.

Throwing: Furcal and Betemit threw bullets to first; Gonzo hit his cutoff-man perfectly and Furcal nailed the runner at the plate.

Fielding: Furcal made a great pick; Ethier had difficult running and diving catches; Kent turned a barehand double-play.

Speed: Um ... Penny and Billingsly had good fastballs. ( Oh, and Pierre had a stolen base, putting him one up in his classic base-stealing duel with Russ Martin. )

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