11 April 2008

Advice for Torre: Unwanted, Unheard, Unheeded

Broxton should have started the eighth inning, when the Dodgers trailed 4-5. A one run deficit is more worthy of special care than you think, especially with two innings left against a bullpen with Trevor Hoffman in it. Broxton was fresh; he was the best pitcher for the job at the moment. Saito could pitch the ninth.

Broxton could have entered the game with one out and runners at second and third in the seventh. This was the most important relief moment of the game. A strikeout was needed to keep the Dodgers close. ( Remember the previous advice about one run deficits? ) Broxton was the best man on the staff for getting a strikeout when you really need one.

Is there anyone close to Joe Torre who would give him similar advice? If there is, would Torre listen?

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