30 June 2007

Penny v Peavy

Penny and Peavy have given up 3 home runs combined, in 32 starts. You know, I don't think Loney will be reaching a 1.000 slugging percentage tonight.

If you performed an arm meld on Penny and Peavy and made them into uber-pitcher Brake Penvy, then you would be an evil mad scientist. Brake Penvy would be 19-3 with an ERA of about 2.1, with a lot of strikeouts. Yeah, see, I'm not going to do any math except for adding their records. I used all my brain just coming up with the name Brake Penvy. The point is these guys are really good.

There's not much to choose from between the two as far as results this year. If you have to choose you take Peavy, since he has a higher strikeout rate as well as being the better pitcher in past years.

Using the same grading system from the yesterday's pitcher matchup, here is Penny and Peavy's grade distributions in starts this year.

Jacob Edward Peavy

ERA: 2.14
WHIP: 1.07
Record: 9-2

A -- 8 -- 50%
B -- 4 -- 25%
C -- 3 -- 19%
D -- 1 -- 6%
F -- 0 -- 0%

Peavy has never pitched more than 7 innings this season, but then again, he doesn't need to with the bullpen the Padres have. He has a lot of 7 innings starts where he gives up 1 or 0 runs. He just doesn't blow up at all, and is likely to be brilliant on any given day. His second to worst start was when the Dodgers scored 4 in 6.2 innings off him.

Bradley Wayne Penny

ERA: 2.04
WHIP: 1.13
Record: 10-1

A -- 11 -- 69%
B -- 1 -- 6%
C -- 2 -- 12%
D -- 1 -- 6%
F -- 1 -- 6%

Penny has only one start of more than 7 innings, his last one, when he went 8. He's even more likely than Peavy to pitch a brilliant game, but he did have a complete meltdown in one start this year, against the Angels.

There's not much to choose from between these two.

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