30 June 2007

A Quick Hook for Kuo

I underestimated how motivated Ned Colletti would be to find an alternative to Kuo after his latest shaky start. I thought that he would now be more motivated to make a trade for a starter in the coming weeks; instead Kuo has been sent down and DJ Houlton called up in his place.

I assume that Houlton will take Kuo's spot in the rotation, though I don't expect this to last very long, meaning I still expect a trade. I'm not happy that Kuo has been given up on at the big league level for now, but I am happy to see Houlton get another chance. But will he get a fair chance? Don't count on it.

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Griffster said...

The problem with a young, struggling starting pitcher is that the starting pitcher is so much more visible than say, a position player. The starting pitcher has a pretty big influence on the game - if he can't get the outs, chances are you will lose, or at least struggle for the win.

Right now, Kuo's control seems to be his problem. Wow, he throws fast. Great! But maybe if hitters know his control problems mean they'll get a walk or a pitched grooved down center, they can wait for that to some extent. And that's where the problems come.

I will see Houlton first. I doubt he can be much better. We'll see. Right now, I just know that the Dodgers, who were touted to have "deep starting pitching" is short at least one effective starter - perhaps two, if Billingsley can't get it together better.

We'll see. It will be pretty tough coughing Padre dust for the rest of the year!