14 August 2007

Shea It Ain't Show

by Joshua Worley

Seriously, I think seeing someone like Hillenbrand called up to steal playing time from younger and better players is worse than a four game losing streak. It makes me realize, again, that management so often doesn't know what it's doing. I will admit, a million times over, that I don't have all the answers, and that I don't have all the pertinent facts. Very well. But some things are obvious mistakes. Why did Delwyn Young deserve to be sent down? Hillenbrand goes into the same category as Pierre, though it's not the same scale of mistake. It's easy to recover from the mistake of thinking Hillenbrand can be a useful player. It's not easy to recover from the thought process that thinks it's a good idea to grab hold of Pierre and Hillenbrand in the first place, though. They don't give out bonus runs for having veterans in the lineup. Stop acting like they do!

I was naive enough to think that the signing of Hillenbrand to a minor league deal didn't mean he'd be up in the Show a week later. Hillenbrand is a guy who thinks very highly of himself: so why would he have signed with the Dodgers if he wasn't given a guarantee that he'd be up with the big club soon? I remember how I made fun of the Angels for employing him; never never never did I think he would end up on the Dodgers. It's like the time the Dodgers reacquired Tom Goodwin --- or was that just a bad dream I had?

It is with great pleasure and no regret that I skip tonight's Dodger game. I'm delighted to miss Shea's first start with the Dodgers. I'm relieved to miss another Tomko start; I hope also to miss his quotes after the game when he maintains his stuff was fine and he can't understand why he gave up 8 runs. I need a break from the losing, the disappointment of seeing good players fail to perform, the dismay of seeing known mediocrities do what they do. I'm going out to see a show.

I hope I don't come back to find out Delwyn Young and Tony Abreu have been traded for some waiver wire pitcher.

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