27 February 2009

Close to closing

My wife and I just closed on the house we were purchasing. Sometimes it seemed like it would never get done, but it was. Can't the Dodgers close with Manny too?

The Dodgers and Manny are okay with the 45 million over two years with the opt-out after one year --- it's only the deferrals of money that keep them apart. I never like deferrals in contracts. A deferral is an interest free loan made by the player to the ball club. Why should a player do that? The true value of a contract with deferrals is less than the quoted value, but people just see the total amount and judge based on that. I wonder if large companies struggling in the bad economy will start trying to defer some of their workers' salaries. California was deferring tax refunds before the budget was finally passed.

If the Dodgers can't afford to pay Manny 25 million now then what makes them think they can afford the deferred payments a few years from now when Manny isn't even on the team anymore and they have to pay all these good young players entering late arbitration and free-agency? It doesn't seem like sound financial planning. I'd rather see Manny leave than see the Dodgers go into extreme cost-cutting mode a few years from now.

But whatever. I can't see into the future, and I don't know what the Dodger finances are really like, or even what the team will be like in a few years. I can only really see the Dodger season ahead, and I know I want Manny in it. Can't these sides come to a compromise? Defer less of the money, or treat the deferrals like a real loan with interest. Don't insult Manny and his evil but brilliant agent by trying to pass off your deferrals as full value. And Boras probably has nowhere else to go at these prices. If he can get the Giants or some mystery team to bite at these prices I guess we'll know soon, but I doubt it. Both sides need this. Make it happen. Close the deal.

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Griffster said...

There wasn't a lot of detail about the deferral, but I thought it said some of the money would be deferred over five years. I guess he gets some this year and then some more over the next five years.

For a guy used to pulling down 20 ( unless the Sox deferred something? ) that would not be a palatable excuse, I imagine.

I think McCourt is looking at a bullet here, and he has to decide if he has the teeth to bite it.