04 March 2009

The big news of the moment

Randy Wolf might start opening day for the Dodgers!

In less important news, the Dodgers have signed Manny Ramirez. This is less important because pitching is 90% of the game, and Manny isn't a pitcher. I can't believe the Dodgers would give a non-pitcher 25 million dollars. That's just --- irresponsible.

I will admit that it's been awhile since I heard someone say that "pitching was 90% of the game", but I used to hear something like that a lot. But it's clear that no one ever really believed it because the players have never been payed that way. The one I still sometimes hear is that you win with pitching and defense and clutch hitting. I guess Manny fills in nicely in the clutch hitting department. Not so much the defense.

Here's the lineup I'm imagining right now:


I put Kershaw in there because I'm most excited to see him pitch this season. I guess that's a pretty good lineup. Who is the most likely to hit poorly for his position in that lineup? Loney? Maybe Blake or Kemp? If the Dodgers stay healthy and none of the young or very old players takes a huge step back there aren't any holes in this lineup. You will score a lot of runs with a lineup without holes and one superstar.

Apparently Manny agreed to the same deal that was rejected a few days ago. Can we say that both sides end up looking like fools here? McCourt and his starting from scratch remarks, and Boras and his taking the offer that was once rejected. But it doesn't matter, does it? I don't think either of these guys should care that they looked foolish at one point. The deal got done. Neither side had any other options, not really. They were wise enough to see that and deal with the devil across the table.

It's a good day. I'll remember that, even if I look back on this day a year from now with mixed emotions. We really don't know what Manny will bring this year, and by saying this I am not so much questioning his effort to win but his aging body. But right now I'm assuming the best. Today, and tomorrow, and all spring. He'll hit 0.350, with lots of home runs, and lots of great quotes. He'll get the MVP this time. The stands will be filled with wigs, and fans will chant his name.

Manny is back.


Griffster said...

Does this mean Pierre will finally get traded, or does he get to ride pine for a year in penance for all those 162 game seasons?

I would maybe put Manny in fourth, with Martin or Ethier ahead of him to provide some OBP.

Joshua Worley said...

Honestly I don't think the batting order matters too much, as long as Pierre isn't in it. I didn't give a lot of thought to putting it together --- I just slapped together something that seemed plausible to me. But I like Manny batting third because he's the team's best hitter.

Who is going to want to trade for Pierre? How much of his contract will the Dodgers have to messily consume? I don't think it's likely.