04 May 2007

Dodgerama Plus One

One of the great joys of my life was meeting my wife; one of the unexpected smaller joys is that she has become a great fan of baseball and a devoted fan of the Dodgers. She is South African, and had almost no exposure to baseball before we met in 2005. Since then we have attended a more than a dozen Dodger games and seen many more on television.

I think she has a valuable perspective to share, that of a new baseball fan, also that of a thoughtful and passionate baseball fan. I also enjoy her writing: it is unpretentious and energetic. I think she has much to offer this blog. After asking a few times, she has agreed to join Dodgerama as my co-contributor.

That's the big change. The smaller change is that I'm now going by my real name rather than the online name of "Faramond". My wife, being a bit more shy, will not use her real name, but "Griffster" instead. ( This is not, by the way, a reference to Fred McGriff or Alfredo Griffin or Ken Griffey Jr. )

More later today, including a preview of the tough Braves team the Dodgers are facing this evening.

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