29 July 2007

It's that sinking ... feeling ...

By Griffster

Well, of all the kinds of bad luck to strike, we've lost almost an entire starting rotation's worth of pitchers to injury: Schmidt ( for which I have no hope, whatsoever, that he'll ever be worth anything to us. The Giants let him go for a good reason ), Wolf ( who I do not believe will be back in any effective form, this year. He is struggling in rehab right now ), Kuo, who is out for the year with bone chip surgery, and who will probably always remain a frustratingly fragile talent, and then Lowe hurting with a hip problem - we won't know how bad until he throws off a mound, but it just seems ominous. Plus, Penny is still hurting from his abdominal problem, last I read.

When something like this happens, there's nothing to be done. While a part of me really wants to see a miracle trade for a Maddux-type or some other serviceable pitcher, the bulk of me knows that this season is perilously close to being done. It is frustrating because the healthy roster was so much better than any other team in the NL West. But with the Dodgers pitching limping and the hitting a mix of slap-hitting vets and slightly raw youngsters, it really doesn't seem that realistic to expect this team to step into the post season anymore. I can only hope that there will be no rash of rent-a-player trades, and that I can survive the rest of the season without blowing my stack and then see what next year brings.

Of course, all my doom and gloom predictions may turn out to be totally untrue, too, and wouldn't I like that?

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