06 July 2007


Shattered, shattered
Lowe and Brad and Billingsley
Are still surviving on the team
Look at them, they're in tatters!
They're a shattered

Brett is so alarming
His curve's never charming
He's just a cocktail party for their team
Big homer
Pitch crushed into the stands
Directing traffic
Counterclockwise fashion

Tomko, Tsao, and Hendrickson and Stults and Stults and Stults and Stults
Look at them, they're in tatters
They're a shattered

All this hitter-batter, hitter-batter, hitter-batter clout
Shotta, shotta, shotta -- A home run in the 7th inning
That ball has gone to tatters (shattered, shattered)
Work and work a loss for Stults
Ain't they hungry for success, success, success, success
Does it matter? (shattered) does it matter?
They're a shattered.

Ahhh, look at them, They're a shattered
They're a shattered
Look at them- They're a shattered, yeah

Brett and Tsao and Mark and Stults
That's what makes our team seem cursed
Slow and wild and ungripped seams and still surviving in the league
And look at them, they're in tatters, yeah
They've been battered, what does it matter
Does it matter, uh-huh
Does it matter, uh-huh, they're a shattered

Don't you know the homer rate is going up, up, up, up, up
To pitch in this town you must be tough, tough, tough, tough, tough!
You got Barry on the west bay
Big Vlad uptown
What a mess this team's in tatters they're been shattered
Their fastballs are battered, splattered all over Chavez

Uh-huh, this team's full of money grabbers
Go ahead, spin the curve ball, don't mind the flatness, huh
Shadoobie, that pitch is battered
His curve that hangs above gets
Fatter, fatter, fatter, fatter, fatter, fatter, fatter
Serve it up, leave it high for the batter

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Damien said...

I get it. But man you sat on your couch working on this all night didn't you?