13 September 2007

Game Notes

1. Vinny admitted his man-crush on Eric Byrnes in the fifth inning. :-)

2. Kent made two base-running blunders in the same inning. Dodger Thoughts covers this in much more depth, but I wanted to mention it too. Kemp isn't the only one who screws up on the bases.

3. The Dodgers did hit a fair number of balls hard, but it's clear that they got lucky more often than not on the placement of both the hard and soft hit balls. But that's the price Maddux is going to pay sometimes for being a low strikeout pitcher.

4. With the count 3-1 on Pierre in the third inning, Maddux did what he should do: pour a pitch right down the middle. No sense in walking the powerless Pierre; make him earn his way on. And Pierre did what he should do with that pitch: crank it for a single.

5. I believe that if Giles had cut off Wells's hit near the warning track in the right-center gap then Wells would have been held to a very long single.

6. Matt Kemp could probably circle the bases twice in the time Wells could get around once.

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