08 September 2007

Juan Pierre Hits a Home Run

by Joshua Worley

Last night I had a vivid, memorable dream in which Juan Pierre blasted a home run into right-center field in the seventh inning of a close game. He slid into home plate at the completion of his trip around the bases and his teammates mobbed him at the plate even though the game wasn't over.

I remember being so stunned and happy to have witnessed the miracle.

I guess this dream was my mind's way of trying to make up for the agony of last night's defeat. I don't focus on just the one error --- too many people screwed up in the same inning and the Dodgers paid the price. Some mistakes worse than others, of course, with Furcal leading the list. But behind him, in no particular order, Billingsly, Little, Kent, Proctor and Beimel all made mistakes that in isolation might be no big deal, but together created a disaster.

If the Dodgers win 14 of their next 21 games, they have a good shot of making the playoffs. Only 7 more disasters allowed.

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