18 September 2007

Make Me Happy

Every single home run those Rockies hit in the night game I felt coming. I won't claim it was anything more than pessimistic dread at the end of realistic hope, or that I don't have plenty of "feelings" that are dead wrong. But when a feeling of doom becomes the truth, does it make it easier to take? I think maybe it does.

The games now aren't as special as they were in April. Winning makes September special; otherwise it's rather like a habit, routine without passion. It's going to take a whole lot of wins in a row now to bring back the spirit into this season. There have been too many losses, and April 2008 is looking a whole lot closer than October 2007 right now. I remember one season opener watching Raul Mondesi play in the outfield, make some great diving catch, and being so happy that baseball was back. Even though this September isn't quite dead yet, I'm already half into next April, wondering who will make me happy that baseball is back again. My money's on Matt Kemp.

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