17 April 2009

Game 10 Unfair Win Shares

It's really hard to find any standout performances from Dodgers in last night's game, which is really strange because they won fairly easily 7-2.

No player had more than one hit. No pitcher had a dominant outing. Stults went only 5 innings and allowed 8 baserunners with just 2 strikeouts --- it is either a testament to his scrappiness or the Giants' ineptitude that he only allowed 2 runs. I like Stults as a starter but if he pitched this way against a good offensive team he'd probably be shelled. McDonald maybe had the best day for a Dodger pitcher, and he allowed three hard ground balls in his inning and also failed against another opposing pitcher by allowing a hit to Zito.

The Dodgers really did have a strange day offensively. Furcal hit a home run but then went out in his next four at bats. Hudson was on base three times but didn't figure in any of the scoring. Ethier and Martin were both hitless, yet both were on base twice with a walk and a hit by pitch. Mientkiewicz broke the game open with his double but then hurt himself with his absurd belly flop into second. Kemp had a gift triple ( should have been a single with an error ) and scored twice, but --- well there really is no but, except that this performance seems kind of ordinary to be getting an unfair win share.

Well, in a weak field, Kemp gets one. So does Hudson, who helped extend both the first and second innings, which perhaps meant that Zito ran out of gas a little sooner. And the last goes to Mientkiewicz, and that is probably the last one he ever gets since I don't expect to see him back with the Dodgers anytime soon. Pity. ( I won't miss having to cut and paste his name, though. )

The Giants offer me a lot of crappy performances to choose from. I'm really tempted to give Zito two unfair loss shares, but one will do for him. The Giants didn't have to let all three guys he walked score in the sixth. I'm also tempted to give one to Fred Lewis for his silly misplay of Kemp's sinking liner and Burris for trying to score on the grounder to Furcal, but both of these men had pretty good days with the bat, so they are spared. It will be Winn who was 0-5 and Molina who served as Stults' escape hatch out of tough innings multiple times who round out the Giants' terrible trio.

Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Kemp -- 1
Hudson -- 1
Mientkiewicz -- 1

Unfair Loss Shares ( Giants )

Zito -- 1
Winn -- 1
Molina -- 1

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