25 April 2009

That's Crazy: Game 18 Unfair Win Shares

A four inning save in Coors field? A four inning save with a one run lead in Coors field? That's crazy.

A one inning save with a three run lead in Coors field is hard enough. A one inning save with a one run lead there is hard even for an elite pitcher like Broxton. But to pitch four innings like that? Troncoso just put up a top 5 pitching performance for the Dodgers so far this year, which puts him in some pretty good company.

Maybe it's easier once you've got into a groove at Coors. It's not like Troncoso came into the ninth inning cold, with the pressure of the moment suddenly upon him. By then it was routine. Excellence had become habit. Man up, man down. He faced one over the minimum all four innings. I'd like to think he didn't even know what inning it was. He just did his job until they wouldn't give him the ball anymore.

Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Troncoso -- 2
Martin -- 1

Unfair Loss Shares ( Rockies )

Jimenez -- 2
Tulowitzki -- 1

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