15 April 2009

Microscopic Sample Size NL West Notes

The Dodgers have the best run differential in baseball, at +19, mostly thanks to their two 11 run games.

The Padres are in first place in large part because they have out-homered the opposition 8-3 in eight games. Though the Padres are likely to rank near the bottom of the league in offense when the season is over, it's not the 8 home runs they've hit so far that is uncharacteristic. They did hit nearly a home run per game last year. It's the 3 home runs allowed that is out of whack, and representative of a trend that is unlikely to continue.

Now might be a good time to mention that the Dodgers have out-homered the opposition 7-2. Uh, same warning applies.

Justin Upton has started only 6 of 9 games for the Snakes so far this season, including today's game. He's batting below 0.100 so far. Upton is the young player on a young Snakes team whose potential I fear the most, but very early in the season something just isn't right with him.

In other Serpentine news, Garland has been knocked out of his start today with 7 earned runs allowed after looking so good against the Dodgers in his first start.

Earned runs allowed by Giant starters in their first seven games: 3,4,1,4,5,4,7. That "1" was a seven inning gem pitched by Matt Cain, who faces the Dodgers tonight. The other four Giant starters have a collective ERA of about 9.

The Rockies, bizarrely, had a scheduled off-day yesterday and have another one tomorrow. How often is a team scheduled to play only one game in three days in the middle of the season without the all-star break figuring into it?

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