30 September 2009

Catching Up

I think Billingsley has done enough to show he belongs in the postseason rotation, assuming the Dodgers aren't booted from the postseason for losing to bad teams and taking too long to clinch the division. What, they can't be booted for that? Then there is no reason to panic.

Anyway, Billingsley has given up just 1 run in 10 innings of pre-sixth work since he came back from his extended rest. There is the matter of 4 runs allowed in his two sixth innings since then, with only a great throw from Kemp perhaps saving him from more runs allowed. There is also the matter of the 5 walks he allowed last night. I suppose it's not too hard to construct the case against Billingsley. And yet I am still backing Billingsley because I don't see a better alternative. I do not believe Garland and Padilla are better pitchers than Billingsley. Garland especially is tempting, but he gives up more home runs and strikes out fewer batters than Billingsley. His walks to strikeouts ratio is worse than Billingsley's. He's not a better pitcher. Billingsley has proven he is healthy, and he has proven he can pitch 5 effective innings in a start. He's the fourth starter, with the deep 'pen backing him up closely.

Broxton blew a game some few days ago. I don't know, it seems like another world now. I've been very busy with visiting family lately, which explains why I haven't updated this blog lately, and also explains why my loathing for how the Dodgers are playing lately is muted. I think this is a good thing. I just hope everyone is healthy by the time the playoffs start. Look, I want the Dodgers to win the division and home field advantage. I really really do. But that feeling of triumph if they do it will disappear if they lose in the first round, and that feeling of disappointment if they don't will vanish if they make it to the World Series. Ultimately it just doesn't matter. Home field doesn't win you the series. And winning series is everything.

So, Broxton. The thing that he did wrong was not strike anyone out. Some of the hits he allowed were pretty lucky, and he had some bad defense behind him, but he also didn't do what he does when he's on, and that's to strike out batters. If you let them all put it into play bad things might happen. I don't think it means anything, though, that he had one poor outing. If he doesn't strike anyone out his next outing then maybe I'll reconsider.

And now, to catch up with the unfair shares. No commentary with them, sadly. But really, why would anyone want to relive any of these games, except the first of these, which I already talked about in my last post?

Game 155 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Manny -- 1
Belliard -- 1
Wolf -- 1

Game 155 Unfair Loss Shares ( Pirates )

Bautista -- 1
Milledge -- 1
Pierce -- 1

Game 156 Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Ethier -- 1
Broxton -- 2

Game 156 Unfair Win Shares ( Pirates )

Milledge -- 1
LaRoche -- 1
D McCutchen -- 1

Game 157 Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Kuroda -- 3

Game 157 Unfair Win Shares ( Pirates )

LaRoche -- 2
Duke -- 1

Game 158 Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Manny -- 1
Loney -- 1
Ethier -- 1

Game 158 Unfair Win Shares ( Padres )

Kouzmanoff -- 1
Adams -- 1
Bell -- 1

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