09 September 2009

The Sixth Double Play

Do you know what the six stages of double plays are? Strange things happen when a team hits into too many double plays.

First DP: Annoyance. "Not again, Martin."

Second DP: Frustration. "This pitcher sucks, and you just keep giving away baserunners! Aaarrrgggghhh!"


Fourth DP: Acceptance. "Cool, another DP. Maybe they can break the record. If you're going to lose, do it in style."

Fifth DP: Hallucinations. "Wait, did I just hear Vinny say something about droopy drawers?"

Sixth DP: Time stops. "I am the master over time and space. Reality bends to my will."

Here is the true play-by-play of the top of the eighth inning from last night's game.

Hudson grounds out to first.

Martin singles to center.

Pierre grounds into double play, Martin out at second, Pierre out at first. Sixth double play of the night. Time stops. Joe Torre becomes master of time and space. Joe Torre enters the mystic spreadsheet underlying all reality and adjusts reality. Pierre's ground ball is made a little softer, so he can beat the throw.

Pierre grounds into fielder's choice, Furcal out at second.

Furcal grounds out to second. Torre adjusts reality. Furcal singles to center, Pierre to third.

Kemp lines out to right. Torre adjusts reality. Kemp singles to right, Pierre scores, Furcal to third on error by Upton.

Ethier grounds out to short. Torre adjusts reality. Ethier singles to center, Furcal scores, Kemp to third.

Manny strikes out looking. Torre adjusts reality. Manny walks, Ethier to second.

Loney flies out to left. Torre adjusts reality. Loney singles to left.

Belliard grounds out to shortstop. Torre adjusts reality. Belliard gets weak little infield single. Kemp scores. Dodgers lead 5-4.

And it was all thanks to Juan Pierre grounding into the sixth double play of the night, even though in the end it never happened! Pennant races are very strange.

Game 140 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Broxton -- 1
Ethier -- 1
Furcal -- 1

McDonald and Kuo also deserve some praise among the relievers.

Game 140 Unfair Loss Shares ( Snakes )

Upton -- 1
Boyer -- 1
Schlereth -- 1

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Griffster said...

"Pennant races are very strange."

Not as strange as reality ;-)