23 July 2009

50000 Bobbleheads and 1 Grand Slam Ball

Manny's pinch hit souvenir slam is the story and the memory. It was more anticipation and adulation than action. He came out to a thunderous roar, then retreated during a pitching change, then came back out to another thunderous roar, then smashed the first pitch he saw into Mannywood, then took a curtain call, then another after the inning was over. He turned the entire stadium into Mannywood. So much cheering for one brief moment. But what a moment.

Wouldn't it have been the coolest thing ever if Pierre, coming up right after Manny, had slammed the first pitch he saw for a home run? It would have been something, to follow up that grand slam with the most surprising thing that could possibly happen, while the crowd was still going crazy.

Billingsley's start was the story before the game, even if it wasn't after. He did fine, not great, I suppose. His start last night affirms that it was right not to panic after his previous terrible start, but it doesn't conclusively say that he's back to being the great pitcher we saw at the start of the season. We'll just see what he has next time.

Game 95 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Manny -- 1
Billingsley -- 1
Ethier -- 1

It wasn't just Manny. Ethier scored the first two runs back when it was a tight contest. Billingsley kept the Dodgers in the game against a good pitcher. And then when Arroyo faltered in the sixth by loading the bases, Manny finished off the Reds.

Game 95 Unfair Loss Shares ( Reds )

Arroyo -- 1
Masset -- 1
Nix -- 1

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