06 July 2009

Unfair Shares of the Red Cap Series

This was my least favorite series of the year, even though the Dodgers won two out of three. If the Dodgers ever get swept, then that series will become my least favorite, but for now this is it. I'll explain why I hated this series later, in a non-unfair shares post.

Game 80 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Mota -- 1
Furcal -- 1
Kemp -- 1

Game 80 Unfair Loss Shares ( Padres )

Gaudin -- 1
Kouzmanoff -- 1
Headley -- 1

Is Kuroda back at full strength yet? I guess he must be, but I keep thinking of him as a pitcher who just came back, and probably can't go deep into games too often. In fact he returned at the start of June, and Friday's Dodger win was his seventh start since returning. So he's been back for awhile. And he should be able to go deep into games. But he doesn't, not often. Kuroda had one start where he came within an out of a complete game, but otherwise he's been a five or six inning pitcher. Friday, too, Kuroda had to come out early, and the suddenly reliable Mota cleaned up his trouble. I don't feel very much alarm over the Dodger starters not going deep into games, I have to admit, but it would be nice if Kuroda could start to hit seven innings in at least half his starts. If a starter can go seven strong innings and hand off a lead to the bullpen, then either Belisario or Troncoso gets the day off. If the starter only goes six innings, they might both have to pitch, or Mota might have to get involved.

Game 81 Unfair Win Shares ( Padres )

Geer -- 1
Cabrera -- 1
Bell -- 1

Game 81 Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Blake -- 1
Belisario -- 1
Ethier -- 1

Belisario kicked off two days of reliable-reliever meltdowns by losing the game in the seventh inning. The Dodgers had a chance to tie the game in the eighth, but both Ethier and Blake stranded the tying run at second base against Heath Bell. Blake then made sure that the Dodgers would lose with his horrible throwing error in the bottom of the eighth.

Game 82 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Billingsley -- 1
Weaver -- 1
Blake -- 1

Game 82 Unfair Loss Shares ( Padres )

Banks -- 1
Mujica -- 1
Eckstein -- 1

Broxton was very close to getting his first three unfair loss shares of the season all in one gulp, until Eliezer Alfonso saved him with his silly overslide of third base. But Broxton still would have been on the hook for at least two unfair loss shares if the Dodgers had gone on to lose in extra innings. Instead he was saved by Loney and Weaver. Usually hitting a game-winning home run will get you an unfair win share, but early game heroes Billingsley and Blake make it a battle for the last spot between Weaver and Loney, and I was just a little more impressed by what Weaver did. He got the win and the save, if you were allowed to award a save to a pitcher who also was the pitcher of record. I think a pitcher should be allowed to get a win and a save in the same game. Weaver earned the win by keeping the Padres from winning in the bottom of the eleventh and twelfth innings, and then he preserved the one run lead in the bottom of the thirteenth. Why should it matter that the same guy did both things? Give him credit for both.

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