30 July 2009

Rumor of the Day

Look who the Rockies have been linked to!

Yep the one and only, Mark "Timber!" Hendrickson. I really hope that happens. In a really weird way that would make up for that time the Dodgers traded for Tom Goodwin.

Why do they do it, anyway? Why do teams trade for terrible players?

When Hendrickson came to the Dodgers, I was excited because he had played in the NBA too. Even if he had been a stiff in the NBA. Only it turned out he was also a stiff in the MLB. I never got over my disappointment that he didn't have a good fastball. How could that be? How could he not have a great fastball? He's so tall! Like Randy Johnson.

Nope. Not like Randy Johnson at all.

Hey, Rockies, I hear Brett Tomko is available.

( It's true. He was released yesterday. )

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