28 July 2009

Double Your Disgust

... with DoubleDill gum. That Dodger game last night was like a stick of DoubleDill gum, the mythic counterpart to Wrigley's Doublemint Gum of "double your pleasure" fame. Maybe you are thinking that you like dill, that it can be a nice complementary flavor. Well, yeah. But this gum is only dill, and it's double the dill. You chew and chew and more and more dill flavor is released in your mouth, and it never goes away. EVER. Trust me, it's nasty. As nasty as Manny's dreads. As nasty as a double play to suck the sweet run-scoring juice out of an inning.

The Dodgers won the on-base battle again, this time by the narrow margin of 16-15, but they still lost the game. Though if you count Holliday reaching on Blake's error, then the Cardinals tied the Dodgers in runners reaching safely. But then if you subtract Pujols being gunned down at second down by Kemp, the Dodgers were still ahead by one. But then if you factor in all those double plays ...

Aww, too complicated. I prefer just to add up hits and walks and hit batters. The bottom line is that the Dodgers are okay. They went up against the Cardinal ace and got plenty of guys on base against him. They were just doomed by untimely hitting. Unseemly hitting. If anything the bigger concern would be the pitching. Fifteen runners allowed is a bit much. But in truth without Blake's error only 12 Cardinals would have reached safely. The time to panic has not yet come.

The time to panic will be tonight, if they lose for the third straight time all season. Only losers lose three straight games. If the Dodgers lose a third straight tonight, it will prove they need Halladay. Trade Billingsley AND Kershaw for him if that's what it takes! Halladay can pitch every third day. I'm pretty sure that's true. I'm pretty sure I heard Ken Rosenthal say that. Halladay will win every start and the Dodgers will never have to lose three in a row again.

Game 99 Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Blake -- 1
Manny -- 1
McDonald -- 1

Game 99 Unfair Win Shares ( Cardinals )

Derosa -- 1
Ankiel -- 1
Carpenter -- 1

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