30 July 2009

Positive Things

Kershaw is amazing.

It's really funny when runners miss a base.

Kershaw is an ace. Yeah, an ace.

The Dodgers have a lead of 7 games in the division.

There is only one game left in Saint Looie.

Seven games! That's a fantastic lead! No guarantees, but man, that's not the kind of lead you get depressed over.

I resolved last night not to get bummed out over the result of the game after Joey Thurston missed first base. That was just too absurd to not be taken as a sign, I felt. It's not that serious. And even if it was, what team would you rather be staking your life on than the Dodgers right now? You could make arguments for other teams, sure, but the Dodgers are right near the top of that list.

No unfair shares from the game last night. Not now. I'll probably fold it into tomrrow's entry just for completeness. Right now I just don't want to get into blame for why the game was lost. I'm ready for the next game.

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