23 June 2009

Dodgers Top Ten

1. Hudson -- total bases ( 126 )

I would have guessed Kemp led the Dodgers in total bases, but he's a close second, three behind Hudson.

2. Pierre -- triples ( 3 )

Pierre really wanted to tie Kemp for the team lead in triples when he was thrown out at third Sunday. Face it, Pierre, Kemp is faster than you.

3. Blake -- runs scored ( 37 )

He's third on the team in runs scored, even though he's not fast and he batted in the eight spot for much of the year. Just shows how solid the Dodger lineup is from top to bottom.

4. Manny -- home runs ( 6 )

Still fourth on the team in home runs, even though he's now been suspended for more than half of the season to date.

5. Ethier -- hits ( 67 )

Imagine that! Ethier is fifth on the team in base hits. Yep. Okay, let's move on.

6. Kemp -- bases on balls ( 27 )

Kemp is a close sixth on a team full of hitters who can work the count, trailing both Loney and Furcal by just one. Kemp has really improved his walk rate over the last three years, going from 5.1% in 2007 to 7.0% last year to 9.5% this year.

7. Loney -- strike outs ( 32 )

Avoiding the strike out seems to be Loney's primary offensive weapon these days. If the hitters ahead of you get on a base a lot and you make a lot of contact you'll pick up plenty of runs batted in.

8. Martin -- doubles ( 9 )

Martin's home run drought is the attention grabber, but his relative lack of doubles is almost as troubling.

9. Furcal -- runs batted in ( 16 )

I guess it wasn't Furcal driving in Blake all those times when Blake was batting eighth. This is a rather shocking rank for Furcal --- it means he trails both Pierre and Manny who have far less playing time than him. Hell, it would be shocking even if Pierre had more playing time than him. Furcal had 16 RBIs in 36 games played last year. It's taken him 62 games to reach that total this year.

10. Loretta -- plate appearances ( 96 )

Lately I've been wishing someone other than Loretta was the primary bat off the bench. Looks like it was a bad idea for him to take that Mark Sweeney pinch hitting correspondence course back in May.


Dave said...

Took me half a second to figure out the rankings of each person - but fun stuff. I think you're right - lack of doubles for Martin is perhaps an even more telling stat for him.
And as much as I have enjoyed the unfair win/loss share posts this season, it was nice to have an new and original Dodgerama piece.

Joshua Worley said...

Yes, I should do more non-share entries. I do try to focus non-share related items in a lot of the share entries, though.