05 June 2009

Game 56 Unfair Loss Shares

In his complete game shutout Hamels allowed just five baserunners, yet only faced 29 batters, two over the minimum. The three batters responsible for those missing three at bats get the unfair loss shares, though not only for that reason. In addition to hitting into double plays both Martin and Furcal were hitless and walkless and hopeless at the plate. Kershaw had a hit, but was out trying to stretch it into a double. But his real crime was too many walks, again. He's still a fine pitcher, and honestly two runs in 5.1 innings isn't bad at all, but it's not good enough when up against Hamels. I don't think I've ever given an unfair loss share to a starting pitcher who gave up only two runs before. Sometimes they are really unfair.

So what if the Dodgers face the Phillies in the playoff this year? It's not too unlikely, since both teams are in first place right now. Would the Dodgers have a chance against Hamels?

I don't know. Maybe he won't pitch that well. Maybe the Dodger pitcher could match him. Maybe Manny will be in the lineup and drive in some runs.

Maybe the Phillies won't make the playoffs. Right now that seems like the only way to stop Hamels. Let's go Mets!

Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Kershaw -- 1
Furcal -- 1
Martin -- 1

Unfair Win Shares ( Phillies )

Hamels -- 3

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