15 June 2009

Game 64 Unfair Win Shares

Billingsley went 7 innings yesterday! Dodger pitchers don't do that very often.

It seems Torre wanted him to go 8, but Billingsley was pulled after giving up a single to the first batter of the eighth inning. If Torre was going to have such a quick hook there, why even run Billingsley out there in the eighth inning, though?

Here is a list of Dodger starters, with number of seven inning starts out of total starts made.

Billingsley -- 8/14
Wolf -- 4/14
Kershaw -- 3/12
Stults -- 1/9
Kuroda -- 0/4
Milton -- 0/4
McDonald -- 0/4
Weaver -- 0/3

The Dodgers have only 16 starts of 7 innings or more, and Billingsley has half of those. I say "only", but this probably isn't too far out of line with what most other teams do. As one would expect, the Dodgers are terrific when they get seven innings from their starter, with a 13-3 record. This means their record when the starter doesn't go 7 innings is 29-19, which I find kind of incredible. I'd be delighted if the Dodgers could finish the season with that kind of winning percentage ( above 0.600 ) much less do it in games where they have to lean on the 'pen and the offense a bit more.

Blake was the offense on Sunday. He drove in the first run, turned the game around with his two-out three-run bomb in the third inning when the Dodgers were threatening to waste another promising rally, and started the two run rally in the seventh inning that gave the Dodgers some breathing room.

Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Blake -- 2
Billingsley -- 1

Unfair Loss Shares ( Rangers )

Murphy -- 1
Holland -- 1
Guardado -- 1

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