24 June 2009

Game 71 Unfair Win Shares

The game got kind of boring in the middle innings. Boring in a good way, though, since the Dodgers led, and Kuroda was mowing them down. It's just that Danks was also mowing them down by then. Kuroda was great, and I guess he's still the same guy he was last year, running hot and cold, sporting a fine ERA even though it sure seems like he gets in trouble more often than a pitcher with a sub-4 ERA should. I just had a quick look at Kuroda's game log from both years with the Dodgers, and I have Kuroda with 21 good starts against 10 bad starts last year, and 4 good starts and 2 bad starts this year. I think we can live with a 2:1 ratio of good to bad.

It was nice to see Mitch Jones get a couple of hits. And Loney too, with a late single and his early home run to put the game firmly in the Dodgers' control. Fellow young scuffler Martin didn't get a hit, sadly, but I guess not everything can go right all the time.

Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Kuroda -- 2
Loney -- 1

Unfair Loss Shares ( White Stockings )

Podsednik -- 1
Thome -- 1
Pierzynski -- 1

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