14 June 2009

Game 62 Unfair Loss Shares

A day late, but that will happen sometimes on a weekend. Too many things to do outside, in fact I missed most of Saturday's game ( game 63, whose entry will come soon ) because of that.

berkowit in the comments from the last game argued that hockey gives superior intensity to basketball, and while I don't have anything to say about the relative merits of basketball and hockey, I will report that I did watch the third period of game seven between the Wings and Pens and that it was great. The Wings came so close to tying it as time ran out. This occured during the late innings of the Dodger game, so this is another reason why game 62 sort of disappeared for me.

This entry is also late because Friday's game was so terrible, so thorough and frankly boring a defeat. The Dodgers just couldn't get anything going, though they had chances. Kuroda had an average start that turned into a bad start. The Dodger offense had a promising start but foundered on Loney's failures. That's two of the unfair loss shares right there, and the last goes to hitless Kemp instead of hitless Martin because I expect more out of Kemp at this point, frankly. That's not fair maybe, but you know how this goes. It's right in the name of the shares.

Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Kuroda -- 1
Loney -- 1
Kemp -- 1

Unfair Win Shares ( Rangers )

Teagarden -- 1
Padilla -- 1
Jennings -- 1

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