11 June 2009

Game 61 Unfair Loss Shares

After the seventh inning I started thinking about who on the Dodgers would get the unfair loss shares. Up until then I had kind of assumed ( without even thinking about it ) that the Dodgers would come back, score some runs, probably win the game. Once the Dodgers failed to score after putting Blake and Martin on with no outs the game felt different. That was their one great chance, and Kemp blew it when he struck out into a rally-destroying double play.

I tagged Kemp and Kershaw for the likely unfair loss shares after that seventh inning, with the third yet to be determined. I hoped it wouldn't come to that; I hoped that Kemp might even come up in the ninth to again change his own fate. That didn't happen. You don't always get another chance.

I gave up on the game with an out to go in the ninth inning, after Blake hit into the double play. I rarely give up on a game until the last out, especially a two run game. Double plays are my one weakness. I watched Martin go out, but without any true hope that the Dodgers could do something. I'm even tempted to give an unfair loss share to Blake for that DP, but he did have a double so I'll give it instead to Hudson who did nothing good, as has too often been the case lately. Good times will return again, for Hudson and the rest of the Dodger offense. I'm sure of it.

The Padres pitchers are triple dipping into the unfair win shares. Kevin Kouzmanoff, so often the goat when the Dodgers beat the Padres, has a decent case for a share with two hits, an RBI, and a run scored --- but let's be serious --- he was actually out in the first inning. Correia gets two for pressing "2003" on the time machine from the second through sixth innings and acting like the Dodger offense was from that offensively challenged year. Seriously, this is the type of game I remember from 2003 --- great bullpen work from the Dodgers, but not enough offense to contend. That leaves one last share for one of the Padre relievers, and it goes to Mujica for getting the most dangerous Dodgers of them all lately, Andre Ethier.

Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Kemp -- 1
Kershaw -- 1
Hudson -- 1

Unfair Win Shares ( Padres )

Correia -- 2
Mujica -- 1

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