14 June 2009

Game 63 Unfair Win Shares

My nightmare that the Dodgers would lose all 15 of their 15 straight interleague games can now be put to rest. I suppose now I could have a new nightmare that they will go 1-14 in these games, but the win restores perspective wonderfully. It reminds me that yes, this really is a good team ( how could I doubt that ) and that they won't just fall apart against American League competition as past Dodger teams have.

The pitching yesterday was typical of the Dodgers at their best, with a strong yet short start, followed by excellent 'penmanship. The offense was not typical of the Dodgers at their best, as it featured a home run rather than an extended rally of singles and walks. Kemp hit his home run with a man on first and two outs, and to me this is the situation where team power is most rewarded. You might score that man from first with a couple of singles, but with two outs there is no margin for error. If you're hoping for a multiple run inning it's even harder to get there with singles and walks. The home run is the shortcut here. Instant offense, as they say.

Wolf's start was short, but of course this isn't his fault, due to the lengthy delay caused by the failure of the lights. Maybe this is a blessing for Wolf --- he might have struggled in the sixth or seventh inning, and lost his good start. Instead he's forced to call it a night after five and secures a reversal of his recent poor pitching. One thing hasn't changed, though. He gets another no-decision.

The Troncuilizer had another good game, bailing out Belisario and then setting up Broxton's save in the ninth. I think we've reached the point where Troncoso is the clear number two behind Broxton. This is a good bullpen.

Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Wolf -- 1
Troncoso -- 1
Kemp -- 1

Unfair Loss Shares ( Rangers )

Murphy -- 1
Cruz -- 1
Grilli -- 1

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