08 August 2009

Low Five

That was predictable for a title, right?

There were a lot of predictable things in that game last night, that awful 12-inning 9-5 loss. Bad things happened that after the fact prompt the weary and crestfallen fan to mutter --- of course. Billingsley gets hurt. Of course! He got hurt in his last start. Broxton gives up a run to blow the save. Of course! He's been shaky, by his standards, anyway, lately. Kuo gives up a two-run home run. Of course! He just pitched yesterday. Abreu grounds out with the bases loaded and two outs. Of course! He was just called up from the minor leagues. And worst of all --- the Dodger offense clunks to a halt after Manny is removed from the game. Ethier gets walked intentionally because there is no one to fear behind him. Of course.

Torre really managed that game right into a cocked hat. Why would he go to Kuo a second day in a row? Does he figure that maybe he can hurt Kuo's arm again and solve his bullpen logjam? And then why take out Manny? Did he really think Broxton was such a sure thing? Did he really think Pierre in left field would be THE difference in the game? Which is more likely, that Brox gives up a run and the Dodgers need Manny's bat, or that a ball is hit to left field that Pierre can catch and Manny can't, AND that this non-catch by Manny would have led to a run? Heck, Pierre's comparatively weaker arm could have cost the Dodgers the game, if we're going with unlikely scenarios. It was cruel haiku justice that Torre was punished for his stupid, stupid decision to lift Manny.

Even while slumping
Filthy helmet beats small cap
Better drink more tea

That tea Torre promotes is supposed to help with mental sharpness, right?

The most maddening moment of the game was not predictable. Loney fields a bunt, just misses the tag, then tosses the ball behind first base, letting the other runner advance to third, who scores on the subsequent double play. If Loney doesn't let that runner get to third, he doesn't score. McCann did something similar to the Braves, needlessly throwing to first and letting Kemp get to third when the throw got away. It was dueling blunders there, and the one by Loney ended up hurting more because the Dodgers lost.

Game 110 Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Loney -- 1
Broxton -- 1
Elbert -- 1

Game 110 Pointy Haired Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Torre -- 3

Game 110 Unfair Win Shares ( Braves )

Gonzalez -- 1
Escobar -- 1
Johnson -- 1

Relief pitcher Mike Gonzalez has a freaky delivery. I never want to see it again. Also, because he shut out the Dodgers for two innings.

Ryan Church hit that big three run home run in the twelfth but the Braves already had a lead. And I'm pretty sure he missed third base on his home run trot anyway.

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