22 August 2009

Wolf Flow

When Randy Wolf came up with two runners on and two outs in the second inning, I was very confident that he could drive in a run. And then I thought --- this is stupid, just because he had a great offensive game last time out doesn't mean he's going to --- At that point the thought stopped and the cheering started, because Randy hit a double off the first pitch he saw to drive in two runs.

The Dodgers are still leaving runners in scoring position, squandering chances. Only Wolf was able to deliver the big hit. But they won, so it's easier to take, and easier to look at rationally and say that it's just part of baseball.

Wolf was the undoubted pitching star of the game. Broxton was also terrific, throwing mostly unhittable strikes. It was a great rebound game for him. Sherrill was not so great. He got the job done, but I'm not sure I would say Sherrill pitched better than Broxton did last Wednesday when Broxton got the loss. Broxton walked Pujols to lead off his inning Wednesday, while Sherrill walked Soriano to lead off his inning. There's no comparison. There is simply no excuse to walk Soriano --- not only is he a much worse hitter than Pujols, but he's faster. Sherrill worked out of it with what turned out to be three fairly easy outs, but not before making a wild pitch and making a ton of pitches and generally looking like he might cough up the lead at any point.

Game 123 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Wolf -- 3

Broxton almost did enough to get one, but Wolf drove in two runs and delivered seven innings with just one hit allowed. Wolf earned the clean sweep, I think.

Game 123 Unfair Loss Shares ( Cubs )

Ramirez -- 2
Bradley -- 1

Aramis Ramirez gets one for his costly error in the second inning and one for his 0-3 performance with two strikeouts at the plate. Bradley was 0-4.

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