31 August 2009

Reliever Revelation

The Dodger bullpen pitched 11.2 scoreless innings on Saturday and Sunday to help the Dodgers sweep the weekend and come out of Cincinatti with a 2-1 Series win. Every member of the Dodger 'pen participated in one of the two wins. They totaled 14 strikeouts, just 3 walks, and 11 hits allowed.

Jeff Weaver allowed 6 of those hits on Saturday. Weaver was the shakiest of the Dodger relievers, but he also had the hardest job of any of them, being asked to pitch multiple innings and preserve a tie after Charlie Haeger couldn't escape the third inning on Saturday. Weaver loaded up the bases once and escaped, then loaded them up a second time and watched as Troncoso recorded the last out for him.

On Sunday Troncoso, Kuo and McDonald each pitched a scoreless, two-strikeout inning when a run would have defeated the Dodgers. After the Dodgers scored in the top of the twelfth Broxton came in and gave up two baserunners, but then closed out the victory with two strikeouts.

It's impossible to pick out a single bullpen hero for the Dodgers. Broxton is the best they have but by himself he couldn't have done anything Saturday and Sunday. None of the bullpen members could even earn an unfair win share this weekend. But they were still essential to each Dodger win.

Game 130 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Furcal -- 1
Pierre -- 1
Kemp -- 1

The game was really close in the middle innings, and Jeff Weaver did some fine work in keeping the Dodgers from ever trailing, but he did give up 6 hits and require his own bases loaded bail-out. The offense turned the game into a rout and they get the spoils of victory. Between them Furcal, Pierre and Kemp drove in 7 runs and scored 5.

Game 130 Unfair Loss Shares ( Reds )

Maloney -- 1
Fisher -- 2

Game 131 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Kemp -- 1
Kershaw -- 2

Kershaw set the two-strikeout per inning example that the bullpen pitchers would follow so successfully. And if not for Kershaw's fifth inning RBI single the 'pen wouldn't have even been pitching into the tenth, elventh and twelfth innings. Kemp ended the weekend with two home runs and two unfair win shares. He's closing in on Andre Ethier for the team lead in OPS among qualifying batters.

Game 131 Unfair Loss Shares ( Reds )

Votto -- 1
Cordero -- 1
Phillips -- 1


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