27 August 2009

Seven-Bit Win

I'd rather watch a game on TV all things considered, but it is a lot of fun to hear the final outs of a really tight game on the radio. Not being able to see what's happening deepens the suspense and tension. Each pitch seems to crackle through the radio. I felt like I could hear the heat of Broxton's fastballs on the voice of the announcers. And then when it happens, when the final strike is swung, and the announcer erupts in excitement for the finish, then comes the best sound of all --- silence. The stunned unhappy silence of the crowd, for a dream denied, followed by the a deeper silence as I turn off the radio and feel only the serenity of the win.

Game 10000000 Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Broxton -- 1
Kemp -- 1
Sherrill -- 1

Furcal scored and drove in a run, then made a questionable play in the ninth that left runners at first and second and one out. Having not seen the play I don't know what Furcal could have done, but the Dodger radio announcers seemed to think he left an out somewhere. Regardless of Furcal's play, I feel the day belonged to the Dodger relievers. After Padilla's strong five ( allowing two runs ) the Dodger 'pen took control of the game, and the series, and just maybe the season.

Kuo came first, and struck out three, and I'm just sorry I can't give him an unfair share as well. Troncoso was the weak link, I suppose, but even he wasn't too bad, giving a hit but getting two outs. Then the really tough work began. Picking up for the Troncuilizer with a man on second Sherrill struck out Seth Smith, then cut through the heart of the Rockie order in the eighth before running into a spot of trouble with a single to Hawpe. Broxton finished up the eighth, then mucked around a bit in the ninth before saying "screw it" and blowing away Eric the Younger and Seth Smith ( again! ) to end the game. Four scoreless in Coors Field, with 7 strikeouts. That is a spectacular performance by the Dodger 'pen.

Game 10000000 Unfair Loss Shares ( Rockies )

Smith -- 1
Young -- 1
Stewart -- 1

I almost gave Smith two shares. He struck out twice with the tying run on second, once against Broxton, once against Sherrill. But he did triple in a run and score, so he's only given the one. Young also went out twice with the tying run on second. Bad game. But he really looks like his father, doesn't he?

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