18 August 2009

While I Was Gone

I heard one pitch of the series with the Snakes. It was Friday night and I decided to see if I could catch some of the game on the radio from the rustic cabin we were staying in. I fiddled with the knob and antenna until I could hear Vinny's voice, and I heard --- Kershaw give up a RBI single to Dan Haren. Spleesh.

I don't need this, I thought. So I turned off the radio and never turned it on again the rest of the time I was there.

I guess the biggest Dodger related story to happen while I was gone was Kuroda giving up a ground rule double off of his head. My mother told me that he was hurt badly when I talked to her on Saturday, but it was not until I was back home that I heard and saw the detail about the ball being hit so hard that it bounced off his head into the stands. I can't believe he's not hurt worse. He'll miss one start, and surely more after that? But maybe not, apparently. I would be amazed if Kuroda could come back so quickly, but the Dodgers seem to think he may do just that, since they haven't put him on the disabled list yet.

Jon Broxton gave up two home runs in that same game. I find that almost unfathomable. This is not the same pitcher we were watching at the start of the season. There is no way. The Jon Broxton I've been watching the last few years doesn't give up two home runs in one inning. Maybe he's hurt, maybe he's lost his command, I don't know. At this point I wouldn't care if the Dodgers made Sherrill the closer and Broxton the set-up man. I'm not saying that Sherrill is better; I'm saying that Broxton has declined to the point where I don't think it matters who pitches the ninth inning. I think there is a decent chance that Broxton recovers in the next month and regains the form he had at the start of the year, but that's not certain. Usually when someone criticizes Broxton I want to defend him but I just don't feel that way anymore. Now I want to join in the criticism. It takes a lot of mental energy to give him the benefit of the doubt now. It's so much easier to just assume he's lying about his toe being fine.

Wolf's incredible game was the third biggest Dodger news event while I was gone, or maybe the second, but I fear that I place Broxton's failure above Wolf's success. Yes, this is wrong. But that's the way it is these days with the Dodgers. The failures are obsessed over, with the victories few and forgotten. The team is doomed. Doomed! Well, I hope not. The truth is a winning tear could happen at any time, or not at all. There is no way to predict these things. It would help if the starting staff got healthy again.

I saw last night's game, and I wish I didn't. I feel like another vacation from the Dodgers. I'm this close to questioning the team's character and heart and will to win. I know that's a load of nonsense, but it would make me feel better.

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