08 May 2009

Game 30 Unfair Loss Shares

There is an episode of Futurama where the evil industrialist "Mom" uses a remote control device to cause all of the robots of the earth ( which were built by Mom's Friendly Robot Company ) to rebel and overthrow humanity. I feel like something similar happened last night to the Dodger relievers. Some evil genius had a remote control device that controls the Dodger relievers, and he or she set it to "suck". I am tempted to now ask rhetorically, "How else can you explain all of the Dodger relievers kerploding at once?", but I am sure anyone reading this can think of many other, saner ways to explain it, so I will just say that they must have gotten to you. Don't be a sheeple! ( Or is that a Sheople? ) Consider too that Nats reliever Joe Beimel also had a meltdown on the mound, and the reason for this is clear: his Dodgerness hasn't yet been fully deprogrammed. He was caught up in the "suck" command as well, and for awhile it looked like the nefarious plan of the Dodger-hating evil genius with remote control would fail, but then little Juan Pierre came up to the plate, and then ... well, you know.

The unfair loss shares have to go to the relievers, even if it seems there were outside forces sabotaging them. If I was really mean, and really harsh, I would give an unfair loss share to Casey Blake. So what if he had a triple, double and single? He popped up when it most counted! You should have hit for the cycle, dude. But if I did this I would have to call these things Phillies-fan loss shares, and I'm not willing to go down that road yet.

Troncoso gets the first unfair loss share, and don't want to be too hard on him, because he's been so good most of the time this year. I still trust the Troncuilizer. ( He's been troncuilizing opposing batters all year! ) But you give up three runs out of the 'pen and you have to pay. Ohman followed Troncoso, and he wasn't effective either, and actually deserves some of the blame for Troncoso's runs, but there are too many other bad relievers for him to get a piece of the action. I just don't trust Ohman --- he does have some genuinely good outings, clutch outings, even, but there are a few too many bad ones mixed in, and he's already given up 3 home runs in limited action --- I don't like it. I fear worse is coming from him. I still think he probably won't last the season with the Dodgers.

Wade gets the second unfair loss share. He's probably not going to be as effective as he was last year. That's what the stats people have been saying, and I think they're right. But I think he'll still be a decent reliever most of the time. Leach gets the last unfair loss share. The damage that was done while he was in made the Dodger comeback much harder. I don't know what to think of him, but he'll probably be sent back to AA or AAA soon enough anyway. With Manny unavailable the Dodgers probably can't rely on just 12 position players for too much longer.

Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

Troncoso -- 1 ( 3-1 )
Wade -- 1 ( 1-2 )
Leach -- 1 ( 0-1 )

Unfair Win Shares ( Nats )

Johnson -- 1
Dunn -- 1
Hernandez -- 1

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