26 May 2009

The Padres are RIGHT BEHIND the Dodgers: Game 46 Unfair Win Shares

Runs scored plus runs batted in for each Dodger in yesterday's 16-6 Dodger win:

Pierre -- 5
Kemp -- 5
Castro -- 5
Hudson -- 4
Martin -- 4
Hoffmann -- 3
Blake -- 3
Loney -- 2
Stults -- 1

The top three on the list will get the unfair win shares. I think it's becoming a rule that Castro and Pierre have to be the offensive co-stars at least once a week.

I heard most of the second big inning on the radio as I took some newspapers to a big recycling bin. Steiner had the call, of course, and he will get into it with great zest when something is happening. He often gets ahead of himself, making a ball that is just short of the warning track sound like a home run, or, well, what he did in the second big inning.

With Kemp at second and Loney at first, Hoffmann hit a sinking liner that got past the outfielder for a double. Steiner is really excited when the ball gets by. He takes a big verbal windup, then lets loose with "And Kemp scores, and Loney is RIGHT BEHIND HIM!" Okay, cool. Two runs in. But wait, there's more. Or less, actually. "Now Loney is being held at third!" says Steiner. Oh. But, I thought he was RIGHT BEHIND Kemp ( which I remember thinking impressive, since Kemp is very fast ). Is third base twenty feet from home plate now? I guess Steiner's interpretation of what RIGHT BEHIND means is different than mine.

Now that's all mildly amusing, but it's what happened next that really makes it. The very next batter, Castro, singles up the middle with Hoffmann on second and Loney on third. Undaunted by his previous slip-up, Steiner winds up again and let's loose with "And Loney scores, and Hoffmann is RIGHT BEHIND him!"

This time it held up.

Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Pierre -- 1
Kemp -- 1
Castro -- 1

Unfair Loss Shares ( Rockies )

De La Rosa -- 2
Grilli -- 1

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