23 May 2009

Pop Quiz, Hotshot: Game 43 Unfair Loss Shares

Question 1:

The Dodgers were 1 for 14 with runners in scoring position because

A) They didn't have "the will of the warrior".
B) They were unlucky.
C) They don't have enough iron in their diets.
D) They have poor character and heart.

Question 2:

The Angels are

A) The Dodgers biggest rival.
B) The Dodgers smallest rival.
C) The Dodgers most average-sized rival.
D) A Dodger rival of indeterminate size.

Question 3:

The Angels won yesterday because

A) The American League is better.
B) They channeled their rage at being denied the DH into a bravura 2 for 17 performance with runners in scoring position.
C) Life isn't fair.
D) They were helped by ethereal beings in the outfield.

Question 4:

Orlando Hudson bunted for a sacrifice in the seventh inning last night because

A) He secretly wishes he was a pitcher.
B) He was too lazy to risk getting a real hit and having to run the bases afterward.
C) He wanted to test his theory that the Dodgers were completely incapable of driving home a man at third with less than two outs.
D) Real men bunt.

Question 5:

The Dodger unfair loss shares go to

A) Martin and Hudson for leaving runners at third and Wade for giving up the go ahead runs.
B) Pierre ( all three ) for getting caught stealing ahead of a walk.
C) Mota for still being on the team and two for new guy Hoffman because he needs to be hazed.

Question 6:

The Angel unfair win shares go to

A) Aybar and Izturis ( two ) for sticking around with the Angels after their Dodger brothers have long since moved on.
B) Jered Weaver ( all three ) for pitching semi-decently after Dodger brother Jeff Weaver threatened to tell the world about his bed wetting problem if he didn't give up a bunch of runs.
C) Hunter for his horrible evil outfield catches, Figgins for his precious RBIs and Arredondo for being the Angels most impressive pitcher.



If you got 0-5 correct, you fail the quiz.
If you got all 6 correct, you probably cheated.

Unfair Loss Shares ( Dodgers )

J. Martin -- 1
Hudson -- 1
Wade -- 1

Unfair Win Shares ( Angels )

Hunter -- 1
Arredondo -- 1
Figgins -- 1

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