01 May 2009

Party Like It's Twenty Zero Five: Game 23 Unfair Win Shares


The Dodgers start out 15-8, and Jeff Weaver is pitching for them --- it's like 2005 all over again! Fabulous! I can't wait for all the injuries, and for the Ja(y)sons to show up and infiltrate the lineup.

Actually, I wouldn't mind it if Jayson Werth came back. No wait, I take that back. We don't need Jayson Werth --- he couldn't crack this lineup of all +0.975 OPS sluggers. Werth is even being outhit by little Juan Pierre this year, though, you know. I mean, you know. But I won't say it out loud, and let Pierre have his moment in the sun. He's been a good fourth outfielder this year.

I'm really resisting giving Weaver an unfair win share. I know who he is, okay? But it's hard to ignore four scoreless relief innings that stabilized the game, especially when there are four strikeouts involved, because that would seem to indicate that it wasn't all luck. But it sure seemed like a lot of it was luck. He needed some fine plays behind him to keep his run column clean.

The problem for Weaver is there are so many offensive heroes who are clamoring for a spot on the podium. Kemp is the only one whose place is assured because he brought the defense as well as the offense yesterday, though the way he heedlessly charges around out there he's this close to becoming the next Repko. He almost turned Hudson into the next Furcal. Still, it's so much fun to watch Kemp play the outfield. It's also a little bit scary. He's like selfish-Kobe out there, so talented, so driven, and so untrusting of his teammates to catch the ball.

I guess I just can't deny Weaver. Then it becomes a battle between Hudson and Manny, and Manny wins because his home run went farther and he was involved in more rallies than Hudson. Kind of.

Unfair Win Shares ( Dodgers )

Kemp -- 1
Manny -- 1
Weaver -- 1

Unfair Loss Shares ( Padres )

Hundley -- 1
Gregerson -- 1
Mujica -- 1


berkowit28 said...

Thought I'd say hello just so you get something other than 0 comments, and so you know you have reader(s). Keep it up. I read these regularly and like them. There's not much controversial, so I usually don't have much to say. I'm sure others are reading too.

Joshua Worley said...

Thanks for the kind words, berkowit. I know you've been reading this blog for awhile.

( I didn't see your comment until today, for some reason. )